PCR Mycoplasma Test Kit II

PromoKine's PCR Mycoplasma Test Kit II has also been designed to detect sensitively and specifically the presence of mycoplasmas that are contaminating biological materials such as cultured cells.

The kit includes a unique 5x master mix that contains all the ingredients required for PCR: nucleotides, primers, a high performance Taq Polymerase and magnesium. No prior preparations are required for PCR, other than the sample to be tested. The reaction mix contains a precipitant allowing for direct loading of PCR products onto an agarose gel.  After performing agarose gel electrophoresis, positive samples will yield a 270 bp fragment. The test takes approximately five hours to obtain clear results and detects all mycoplasma commonly found in cell cultures.

The primers have been designed to detect those mycoplasma species responsible for most contaminations in cell cultures (including Acholeplasma) and were tested to be specific for mycoplasma DNA only, not reacting with animal or bacterial DNA.

Kit Components PCR Mycoplasma Test Kit II

  • Reaction Mix with primer sets, nucleotides & Taq DNA Polymerase at optimized concentrations
  • Buffer Solution 
  • Positive Template Control for easy result verification  
  • Comprehensive instruction manual

In sensitivity tests for the detection of defined mycoplasmas, the PromoKine Mycoplasma Test Kits I & II were found to be the most sensitive in comparison to other test kits currently available on the market. The ability to routinely perform rapid and simple tests to detect mycoplasma contamination in cell cultures facilitates the eradication or treatment of contaminated cells.

Minimal concentration of mycoplasmas detected with PCR Mycoplasma Test Kit II:

M. fermentans: 12 mycoplasmas/ml
M. capricolum
: 6 mycoplasmas/ml
M. penetrans
: 10 mycoplasmas/ml
M. hyorhinis
: 11 mycoplasmas/ml  

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