PromoFluor Antifade Reagent

Universal mounting medium for fluorescence microscopy

Loss of fluorescence signals due to irreversible photobleaching processes may result in significant reduction of sensitivity, particularly when high intensity excitation light is used for a longer duration and target molecules in your sample are of low abundance.

PromoFluor Antifade Reagent minimizes photobleaching by stabilizing fluorochromes in fixed cells, fixed tissues and cell-free preparations. It is compatible with a multitude of dyes and dye complexes and very useful particularly for multicolor applications. It comes premixed and ready to use in a convenient pipet flask - just add a drop of reagent and mount. Samples can be saved for months after mounting, retaining fluorescence during prolonged storage.

PromoFluor Antifade Reagent  is an ideal  mounting medium for immunofluorescence microscopy allowing you to get the finest images from your precious immunofluorescence preparations. It significantly increases the photostability of many common fluorophores resulting in prolonged gleaming signals and optimal contrast of the images. Moreover, it gently solidifies after the attachment of the cover slide - thus permanently conserving the cell preparation and fixing the cover slide making the use of nail polish for slide immobilization superfluous.

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PromoFluor Antifade Reagent Mounting medium for fluorescence microscopy 8 ml PK-PF-AFR1 click to select country

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