Renal Clearance Assays

There are three main sites where drug clearance/excretion occurs (kidney, liver and lung). The kidney is the most important site where products are excreted through urine. Consequently, for many drugs the clearance is simply considered as the renal excretion ability, i.e. the rate at which substances (e.g. drug metabolites) are cleared from the blood by the kidney. Clearance is a measure of kidney function describing the flow rate of filtered fluid through the kidney. Unless excretion is complete, accumulation of foreign substances can adversely affect normal metabolism and health.

Creatinine, a breakdown product of creatine phosphate, is produced and excreted at a constant rate. Blood creatinine is commonly used to determine the glomerular filtration rate (GFR), and creatinine clearance is a common means of standardizing excretion of other compounds. Based on creatinine clearance results, dosage of drugs excreted primarily via urine can be adjusted. Inulin and Cystatin C clearance are alternative methods to determine the filtering capacity of the glomeruli.

PromoKine’s Creatinine Assay Kit provides an accurate, convenient colorimetric and fluorometric method to measure creatine concentration in biological fluids such as serum, urine or CSF. Unlike the picric acid assay, this kit is suitable for serum/plasma creatinine determinations, as well as for urine and other biological samples.

The Cystatin C ELISA Kit is quantifying serum cystatin C that is considered as an alternative marker for renal clearance.

PromoKine’s ACR Assay Kit provides a simple, sensitive, and high-throughput adaptable assay that detects albumin, creatinine, and the albumin-to-creatinine ratio, showing a wide detection range.

PromoKine’s Inulin Assay Kit allows determination of inulin in biological fluids such as serum. The kit utilizes an enzymatic mechanism generating a fluorescence signal which is proportional to the amount of inulin present in the sample, allowing to quantify levels of inulin down to 10 ng.

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Product Name Description Size Catalog Number Information Prices
Albumin-to-Creatinine Ratio (ACR) Assay Kit Simple, sensitive, and high-throughput adaptable colorimetric & fluorometric assay that detects albumin, creatinine and urine albumin-to-creatinine ratio. 100 assays PK-CA577-K551 click to select country
Inulin Assay Kit Fast, convenient and accurate fluorometric assay for measuring inulin in various samples. 100 assays PK-CA577-K737 click to select country
Creatinine Assay Kit Kit provides an accurate, convenient colorimetric & fluorometric measure of creatine concentration in biological fluids such as serum, urine or CSF. 100 assays PK-CA577-K625 click to select country
Cystatin C ELISA Kit, human Human Cystatin C ELISA 96 tests PK-EL-69050 click to select country