Drug/Metabolite Transporter Assays

P-glycoprotein (P-gp, Multidrug Resistance Protein 1, MDR1) is an ABC transporter capable of transporting a vast array of neutral and anionic lipophilic molecules. It strongly affects the oral absorption, tissue distribution and excretion of many drugs, and prevents certain lipophilic drugs from penetrating the blood brain barrier. Overexpression of P-gp confers tumor cells with resistance to chemically and pharmacologically distinct chemotherapeutic drugs and and tumor-targeted delivery of P-gp inhibitors might be a strategy for overcoming chemotherapy resistance.

PromoKine‚Äôs MDR1/P-gp Ligand Screening Kit has been designed for rapidly screening test compounds for modulation of efflux transporter activity in MDR1-expressing cells. This highly sensitive, fluorometric assay has a simple no-wash protocol and is high-throughput adaptable.

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MDR1/P-gp Ligand Screening Kit Simple, fluorometric assay for screening/studying/characterizing inhibitors of the Multidrug Efflux/ABC Transporter MDR1/P-gp. 100 assays PK-CA577-K507 click to select country