Drug Development & Metabolism

The market for drug discovery/development has a double-digit billion dollar size and is also growing in a double-digit manner with increased sales expected for the next years. Billions of dollars are invested globally to develop new drug compounds, but only few new chemical entities (NECs) are eventually approved by national regulatory authorities each year and the majority of  compounds identified as leads - nine of every ten new drug candidates - fail in clinical testing.

Cell-based as well as cell-free assays to evaluate efficacy, toxicity and bioavailability of a drug candidate are a key factor in streamlining the drug development process. These mostly simple and high-throughput-adaptable assays  are saving a lot of time and money, allowing new drugs be brought to the market efficiently and preventing withdrawal of an approved drug from the market. Drug discovery applications account for the largest market share with regard to cell-based and cell-free assays, and the growth is driven by an increasing demand for new highly effective, well-tolerated pharmaceuticals to treat widespread disorders such as cancer, diabetes or cardiovascular and infectious diseases.

Distinct cell-based and enzymatic assays have to be used to evaluate the ADME-Tox properties of compounds (bioavailability and toxicity of drug candidates) early in the drug discovery process to meet regulatory requirements and to ensure suitability for further developmental steps, while other assays are used to study the efficacy of a drug candidate to cure a particulat malfunction.

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 Disease Research

  • Alzheimer's Disease
  • Cancer Research
  • Cardiovascular Research (coming soon)
  • Diabetes & Obesity Research (coming soon)
  • Immunology Research (coming soon)
  • Dermatological Research (coming soon)