PromoFectin-Hepatocyte has been designed for transfection of cells expressing galactose-specific membrane lectins and has been very successfully used to transfect primary hepatocytes as well as hepatocyte cell lines (e.g. BNL CL.2) and human hepatocarcinoma cells (e.g. HepG2) with up to 50% transfection efficiency and excellent cell viability. This PromoFectin derivative specifically targets cell surface receptors, leading to internalization of the complexed nucleic acids.

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 Lipofectamine 2000

 Lipofectamine LTX


 HepG2 cells were transfected with a GFP reporter vector using PromoFectin Hepatocyte (right) and
 competing reagents. PromoFectin-Hepatocyte showed the best transfection rate (~30%).

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