Cell Viability & Cell Proliferation Kits

PromoKine offers six types of sensitive, convenient cell viability kits: The Fluorometric Cell Viability Kits I and II, the Colorimetric Cell Viability Kits I, II III and IV and the Bioluminescent Cell Viability Kits I and II. Since all kits are designed for use with various multiwell formats, they are also suited for automation.

The Cell Proliferation Kit I can be used for reliable and easy determination of cell divisions by flow cytometry while the Cell Proliferation/Cytotoxicity Kit II is compatible with with automation using a fluorescence plate reader.

The Cell Proliferation Kit III is an improved alternative to the classical BrdU Assay but with less steps and assay time. There are three different variants (each with different fluorophores) available: For fluorescence microscopy, flow cytometry and high-throughput applications using a multiwell plate reader.