Tyrosinase Inhibitor Screening Kit

Tyrosinase or polyphenol oxidase is an oxidoreductase that controls biosynthesis of melanin, a ubiquitous biological pigment found in hair, eyes, skin, etc. Inhibition of tyrosinase has been a longtime target in the skin care research, cosmetics and agricultural industries because of its role in browning reactions of skin pigmentation and during fruit harvesting and handling. Skin whitening and bleaching products utilize natural or synthetic tyrosinase inhibitors in order to lighten the skin color.

In this assay, Tyrosinase catalyzes the oxidation of tyrosine, producing a chromophore that can be detected at 510 nm. In the presence of a tyrosinase inhibitor (e.g. Kojic Acid), the rate of oxidation of the substrate is decreased. The kit provides a rapid, simple, sensitive, and reliable test suitable for high-throughput screening of tyrosinase inhibitors. This assay is also adaptable to a 384-well format.

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Tyrosinase Inhibitor Screening Kit Simplest, colorimetric high-throughput assay to screen tyrosinase inhibitors 100 assays PK-CA577-K575 click to select country