NAD/NADH Quantitation

PromoKine’s Colorimetric NAD/NADH Quantitation Kit provides a convenient tool for sensitive detection of the intracellular nucleotides NAD and NADH along with the determination of their ratios. It can be used for studies of energy transformation and the determination of the redox state of cells or tissue. The kit has been designed to specifically recognize NAD/NADH only in an enzyme cycling reaction that significantly increases detection sensitivity. Purification of NAD/NADH from sample mixes is not required.

PromoKine's Fluorometric NADH Quantitation Kit provides a more sensitive fluormetric method to detect very low levels of NADH (while NAD is not detected in the reaction).

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Product Name Description Size Catalog Number Information Prices
Fluorometric NADH Quantitation Kit For convenient, highly sensitive fluorometric measurement of NADH 100 Assays PK-CA577-K338 click to select country
NAD/NADH Quantitation Kit For convenient colorimetric measurement of NAD and NADH and their ratio 100 assays PK-CA577-K337 click to select country