Cell Stress, Metabolism & Aging Assays

Metabolism encompasses all the biochemical processes by which cells process nutrient molecules and sustain their living state. It is a set of complex yet controlled chemical reactions called metabolic pathways whereby enzymes transform one chemical molecule or compound into another to yield energy (catabolism) or to synthesize new compounds (anabolism). Thus, metabolism allows for the growth and reproduction of organisms, the maintenance of their structures and their response to environmental factors.
PromoKine offers a range of assay kits for metabolic studies based on fluorometric or colorimetric methods.
Countless physical and chemical factors are known to induce distinct cellular stresses that can manifest in a cell population in a variety of ways. Oxidative stress for example, is often defined as an imbalance of pro- and antioxidants which can lead to damage of cellular lipids, proteins and DNA. This stress is known to affect various cellular functions including gene transcription, cell proliferation and differentiation and can lead to various disorders and diseases.

PromoKine offers a selection of kits for the convenient analysis of cellular stress including DNA damage, oxidative stress, energy transforming and redox state, which allow for the analysis of mutagenic, carcinogenic and toxic effects on cells.

In addition, assays for studying different metabolic pathways (e.g. glucose, glutamine, lactate) offer further possibilities to understand physiological correlations, cellular processes and disorders as well as to develop therapies to treat various common dieases such as cancer or diabetes.