Cell Staining Reagents & Related Products

Fluorescent dyes offer extraordinary sensitivity and extended possibilities for the visualization and analysis of intracellular processes and cell structures such as the cell membrane, mitochondria, the nucleus, and the cytoskeleton. Some dyes are also suited for staining only viable or dead cells. That is an important feature for elucidating the effects of certain agents on cell viability.

PromoKine provides a select choice of reagents for staining different cell organelles and structures as well as for determining processes like membrane potential changes. Some of these reagents are available as esters, which pass through the membranes of viable cells. Once inside, the ester group is hydrolyzed by cellular esterases, and the dye can accumulate in the cell. Some dyes are non-fluorescent in their ester form but fluoresce strongly when the ester group has been removed.