Cell Analysis

The specific analysis of cellular processes and conditions has played an increasingly vital role in cell biology. Monitoring reporter gene expression in cells, determining  cell viability and cell proliferation, testing for cytotoxic effects, and distinguishing live and dead cells are important procedures in most cell biology labs. Staining cellular structures, measuring intracellular signaling and assaying distinct cell metabolic activities have also become routine. These applications all require reliable, sophisticated, and user-friendly research tools.

PromoKine offers a huge variety of reagents and kits for detection and quantitation of cell viability and proliferation, cell cycle, cytotoxicity, angiogenesis, cell migration/invasion, apoptosis, senescence, cell signaling, cell stress & cell metabolism, as well as reporter genes such as GFP, luciferase and beta-Galactosidase. In addition, several cell fractionation, protein extraction and DNA isolation kits, as well as numerous reagents for cell staining, biomolecule labeling and monitoring of cellular processes (e.g. calcium signaling) are available. A wide range of antibodies, recombinant proteins, and ELISAs complete our product range for cell analysis.