Individual Caspase Reagents

In addition to the complete caspase staining and activity kits, PromoKine also provides a variety of high quality, purified and active human, mouse and rat recombinant caspases and pro-caspases from human, mouse and rat as well as caspase substrates and inhibitors. Optimized assay buffers and other supplementary reagents for setting up your own assays are also available separately on request. These reagents allow researchers to perform numerous caspase assays in an economical way. Sets of ready-to-use caspase enzymes, caspase substrates and caspase inhibitors provide more convenience in setting up individual assays evaluating multiple caspases at the same experiment.

Our active caspases are very useful e.g. for studying enzyme regulation and kinetics, screening of caspase inhibitors, determining target substrates, and as positive controls in caspase activity assays and Western blot analyses.

The caspase substrates come in ready-to-use form for both fluorometric and colorimetric assays of caspase activity.