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Product Name Description Size Catalog Number Information Prices
Influenza-A H1N1 antibody (mAb) Mouse Anti-Influenza-A Hemagglutinin H1N1 (clone IA-H1N1) 50 µg PK-AB913-214 click to select country
Influenza-A H3N2 antibody (mAb) Mouse Anti-Influenza-A Hemagglutinin H3N2 (clone IA-H3N2) 50 µg PK-AB913-215 click to select country
Influenza-A H5N1 antibody (mAb) Mouse Anti-Influenza-A Hemagglutinin H5N1 (clone IA-H5N1) 50 µg PK-AB913-216 click to select country
Influenza-B antibody (mAb) Mouse Anti-Influenza-B (clone IB-53-99) 50 µg PK-AB913-217 click to select country

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