Antigens & Cell Lysates

PromoKine's peptides are mainly used in parallel with our primary polyclonal antibodies. These peptides are intended as blocking peptides and are the perfect control when testing the specificity or activity of one of our antibodies, e.g. in immunoblotting/Western blot, ELISA or immunohistochemistry.

PromoKine also provides a wide range of ready-to-use cell and tissue lysates that can be used as positive controls when using our antibodies in applications such as electrophoresis, Western blotting or immunoprecipitation. Moreover, they are also useful in enzymatic activity analysis, protein-protein interaction analysis and tissue specific expression identification.

The total tissue and cell line protein lysates are available from human, mouse and rat origin as well as from a variety of developmental stages. Furthermore, beside lysates from normal tissue also lysates from tumor and diseased tissues are available.


Cell & Tissue Lysates