Promotion Cell Proliferation Assays

Fast, convenient & sensitive detection and quantification of cell proliferation with our new Cell Proliferation Kit III (EdU)

PromoKine‘s wide range of cell-based assays provide convenient, reliable and sensitive analysis of different cellular processes such as cell viability & proliferation, cytotoxicity, necrosis and apoptosis.

Buy any Cell Proliferation Kit III and get a 20% Discount!

We provide three variants of our EdU-based Cell Proliferation Kit III:

  • Cell Proliferation Kit III (EdU-FM) for Fluorescence Microscopy
  • Cell Proliferation Kit III (EdU-FC) for Flow Cytometry
  • Cell Proliferation Kit III (EdU-HTS) for Fluorometers/Fluorescence Microwell Plate Readers

Each kit variant is available with four different fluorescent labels (green, violet, orange, red) to enable good compatibility and flexibility with other labeling/staining approaches.

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This offer is valid until June 30, 2017. The discount code PK-2/17 can only be used once and cannot be combined with other discounts. Only one promotion per qualifying order.