New ELISA Kits available! 

Ready-to-use ELISAs and ELISA Development Kits

PromoKine has now added more than 200 new ELISA kits to its current ~400 ELISAs for detecting and quantifying the "free" forms of human, mouse, rat, monkey and pig cytokines, growth factors and other cell biology target molecules in cell culture supernatants, tissue lysates, plasma, serum and other body fluids. Cell-based Protein Phosphorylation ELISAs are also available now.



Products for Gel Electrophoresis

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Products for Cell Analysis and Apoptosis

PromoKine has extended its innovative cell biology product line and is now offering many new reagents and kits for cell analysis and Apoptosis e.g.;

Cell Proliferation Kit I (CFSE) for flow cytometry and fluorescence microscopy providing a convenient and sensitive way to determine cell proliferation, cell division and cell fusion. More information

DiO/DPA Membrane Potential Detection Kit for sensitive detection of cytoplasmic membrane potential changes using FRET technology. More information

RTU DNA Ladders and FluoDNA Gel Stain. More information

Prestained RTU Protein Ladders, FluoProtein Gel Stain and GelQuick Protein Gel Stain/Destaining KitMore information

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Animal-free Cytokines & Growth Factors

In addition to its wide range of recombinant cytokines, growth factors, receptors and CD markers from human, mouse and rat, PromoKine now also offers a selection of recombinant cytokines and growth factors that have been produced plants (barley seed endosperm or tobacco) at high isogenic quality.

  • No proteolytic, pyrogenic, or inflammatory activity
  • Free of bacterial, viral and prion infectious agents as well as contaminating molecules such as endotoxins (bacterial expression host) or cytokines, chemokines and growth factors (mammalian expression host)
  • No serum carryover that may cause unwanted effects (such as proliferation)
  • Proper eukaryotic folding and post-translational modification (e.g. glycosylation) that increases biological activity and stability  
  • More than 20 cytokines and growth factors available (e.g. Activin A, BAFF, BMP-2, BMP-7, EGF, FGF-2, Flt3-Ligand, GM-CSF, LIF, M-CSF, Myosatin, diverse Interleukins, IFN-alpha, IFN-gamma, TGF-beta, TNF-alpha, VEGF)

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Cytokines & Growth Factors for Stem Cell Research

Among PromoKine's wide range of cytokines and growth factors (human, mouse and rat) you will find numerous cytokines and growth factors important in Stem Cell Research. These recombinant proteins have been produced in E. coli, yeast, insect, mammalian or plant cells and show high activity and purity. 

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Western blot and immunohistochemical analysis of human AIF.

Antibodies for Cell Biology

Find many new antibodies, e.g. for:

as well as for:

Our monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies comply with the highest quality standards and are useful for many different applications. More information

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Labeled Secondary Antibodies
Protein & Antibody Labeling Kits 


  • superior transfection efficiencies
  • extremely low cytotoxicity                              
  • convenient and fast protocol
  • compatible with serum and antibiotics
  • reproducible results

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Labeling of cell structures using red-fluorescing PromoFluor-647 dye (illustration kindly provided by Covalys Biosciences AG).

PromoFluor: New Superior Fluorescence Dyes

  • strong absorption
  • high photostability - reduced photobleaching
  • good pH insensitivity and water solubility
  • high fluorescence quantum yield - optimal brightness 
  • same quality but better pricing than many commonly used Alexa Fluor® or Cy™ dyes!
  • spans the whole visible and infrared light spectrum (350-840 nm) 
  • Now available: PromoFluor-LSS dyes with excitation in the UV range 

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PromoFluor AntiFade Reagent

  • stabilizes fluorochromes and reduces photobleaching
  • enhances fluorescent signals
  • perfect mounting medium: conserves and protects your precious experimental samples

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MATra: Magnet-Assisted Transfection

  • highest transfection efficiencies
  • very low cytotoxicity
  • low costs compared e.g. with electroporation-based methods

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