pPK-CMV Reporter Vectors

For highest level transient gene/reporter gene expression in mammalian cells

  • Suitable for in vitro and in vivo gene expression applications
  • High plasmid yield in E. coli
  • Expression ready with the following popular reporter genes: β-galactosidase, green fluorescent protein (GFP), luciferase, chloramphenicol acetyltransferase (CAT), secreted alkaline phosphatase (SEAP)
  • Convenient multiple cloning site for optimized cloning and expression of target genes

The pPK-CMV Reporter Vectors have been designed for high level, transient expression of reporter or target genes. They contain an optimized CMV promoter followed by intron A from the CMV immediate-early gene (IE). This ensures extremely high transient expression in a wide variety of mammalian cells and tissues. In addition, the vectors contain an optimized plasmid backbone that has been extensively altered to achieve optimal plasmid production in E. coli.
The vectors are available without a reporter gene to clone and express a gene of interest (blank vector) as well as with the following reporter genes:
β-galactosidase (lacZ), green fluorescent protein (GFP), luciferase (Luc), chloramphenicol acetyltransferase (CAT), and secreted alkaline phosphatase (SEAP).

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Product Name Description Size Catalog Number Information Prices
pPK-CMV-R0 Reporter Vector (Blank) High-Level Transient Expression Vector Vector (blank) 25 µg PK-MB-P000200 click to select country
pPK-CMV-R1 Reporter Vector (b-Gal) Reporter Vector (beta-galactosidase) 25 µg PK-MB-P010200 click to select country
pPK-CMV-R2 Reporter Vector (CAT) Reporter Vector (chloramphenicol acetyltransferase) 25 µg PK-MB-P020200 click to select country
pPK-CMV-R3 Reporter Vector (Luc) Reporter Vector (Luciferase) 25 µg PK-MB-P030200 click to select country
pPK-CMV-R4 Reporter Vector (GFP) Reporter Vector (Green Fluorescent Protein) 25 µg PK-MB-P040200 click to select country
pPK-CMV-R5 Reporter Vector (SEAP) Reporter Vector (secreted alkaline phosphatase) 25 µg PK-MB-P050200 click to select country