Protein Gel Stains & Protein Markers

FluoProtein Gel Stain

FluoProtein Gel Stain is a fast and sensitive fluorescent dye for visualization and quantitation of proteins separated by 1-D or 2-D SDS-PAGE and an excellent, economic alternative to common fluorescent gel stains.
FluoProtein Gel Stain normally emits a low fluorescence, but is strongly fluorescent (bright golden color) when bound to proteins. The maximum emission wavelength of protein-bound FluoProtein Gel Stain is near 570 nm. FluoProtein Gel Stain gives exceptional sensitivity and a wide dynamic range for protein detection.

FluoProtein Gel Stain comes as a 100x stock solution that is simply diluted with water by the user to its working concentration.
The staining procedure is a simple two-step protocol (fix and stain) that can be completed in only 30 minutes. Gels are fixed with ethanol/acetic acid solution prior to staining with FluoProtein Gel Stain solution. A destain step is normally not required. Gels stained with FluoProtein Gel Stain may be directly visualized with a variety of different UV-based fluorescence imaging systems.
The bound FluoProtein Gel Stain is easily removed from the protein by immersing the gel in sufficient water, thus it is compatible with subsequent enzymatic digestion and mass spectrometry for proteomic applications.

GelQuick Protein Staining/Destaining Kit

Traditional staining and destaining methods for SDS-PAGE protein gels are known to take several hours and also leave a high blue background which reduces the sensitivity of band detection.

PromoKine’s GelQuick Gel Stain/Destaining Kit provides a fast and sensitive method for SDS-PAGE gel staining and destaining. The procedure only takes 5 minutes for gel staining and 15 minutes for destaining. After a total of 20 minutes visualization of as little as 5 ng of protein on a waterclear background can be seen.

The kit contains sufficient solutions to stain and destain up to 40 pieces of protein mini gels.


Prestained RTU Protein Ladders

PromoKine’s Prestained RTU Protein Ladders are very cost-effective and supplied ready-to-use for direct loading onto gels. They can be used for monitoring protein separation during SDS-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, estimation of protein sizes, and verification of Western transfer efficiency onto membranes (PVDF, nylon, or nitrocellulose).
They show excellent stability with sharp bands, and allow easy identification as bands of different colors are used. Each Prestained RTU Protein Ladder is sufficient for 100-200 mini gels.
RTU Protein Ladders show high stability even at room temperature.

The Prestained RTU Protein Ladder I contains 9 pink-stained protein markers covering the range from 10 to 175 kDa and three blue-stained reference bands at ~10, ~40 and ~90 kDa.

The Prestained RTU Protein Ladder II is a three-color protein standard covering a broad range (10-245 kDa) with ten blue-stained protein bands and two reference bands at 25 kDa (green) and 75 kDa (red).

PromoKine’s RTU Protein Ladder I separated on different SDS polyacrylamide gels.
Product Name Description Size Catalog Number Information Prices
FluoProtein Gel Stain Fluorescent staining of proteins in 1D and 2D SDS polyacrylamide gels 10 ml PK-MB713-004-10 click to select country
FluoProtein Gel Stain Fluorescent staining of proteins in 1D and 2D SDS polyacrylamide gels 1 ml PK-MB713-004-1 click to select country
GelQuick Protein Gel Stain/Destaining Kit Kit for fast, convenient and sensitive staining/destaining of SDS-PAGE gels. 1 kit PK-MB577-K901 click to select country
Prestained Protein Ladder I Ready-to-use protein standard (10-175 kDa) 0.5 ml PK-MB713-001P click to select country
Prestained Protein Ladder II Ready-to-use protein standard (10-245 kDa) 0.5 ml PK-MB713-002P click to select country