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PromoKine offers a wide range of well proven products for cell biology research such as kits and reagents for cell analysis, apoptosis researchcell transfection, fluorescent labeling, gene cloning & expression, mycoplasma detection and elimination as well as numerous antibodies, ELISAs, cytokines and growth factors. Scientists worldwide use PromoKine products in basic and applied biomedical research to facilitate their daily lab work and obtain optimal results.

PromoKine is a brand of PromoCell, a premier manufacturer of cell culture products which is especially recognized for its broad range of human primary cells, stem cells, and blood cells as well as optimized cell culture media.

You can count on our high quality products backed by experienced and friendly technical customer service!


New Cell Proliferation

  • For fluorescence microscopy, fluorescence spectrophotometry and flow cytometry
  • EdU-based assay provides superior alternative to BrdU and 3H-thymidine assays
  • Streamlined quick and simple protocol using novel click chemistry
  • Available with four different fluorescent dyes for compatibility with additional labelings/stainings

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Now available: Fixable Live/Dead Cell Stains     

  • Discriminate between live and dead cells
  • Can be used with fixed and permeabilized cells
  • For flow cytometry and fluorescence microscopy
  • Eight different live/dead stains available

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3D Cell Culture Kits

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Cell Model Systems

New Cell-based Assays


Get a 30% trial discount on our new PromoFectin-siRNA!*

A non-liposomal, cationic transfection reagent for siRNA, miRNA & oligonucleotides

  • Highly efficient gene silencing with only very small amounts of siRNA
  • Minimal cytotoxicity and off-target effects
  • Works with and without serum
  • For adherent and suspension cells
  • Very attractive pricing

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*PK-CT-2000-RNA-050 (PromoFectin-siRNA, 0.5 ml)

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